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EP Kjærligkatt Oslo, DSM:
“The first Distinguished Show Merit winner in the UK, only the second Forest Cat DSM in FIFe and the FELIS BRITANNICA Overall All Breed Best Neuter 2004 & 2005.”
It's hard to believe that we started breeding Norwegian Forest Cats 15 years ago!!! What's even harder to belive is that era is now coming to an end.
The time has passed so quickly, and has brought it's share of joy and sadness. We have not lost our love for this mystical cat, but now we have decided to move on.
We were always a small breeding cattery - we rarely have more than three litters in a year.  Even so, you will see many Kjærligkatt forest cats on the show bench in the UK.  They are also well travelled, with Kjærligkatts having made it to the USA, continental Europe and Japan!
There will be no more Kjærligkatt kittens now though, as we have completely given up breeding and showing. We will also be rehoming many of our cats. The ages range from 3 years old to 12 years old. We still have 2 entire males and 5 entire females, all of which will be neutered before they go to their new homes.
We are looking for caring, permanent homes for them; someone who will love and look after them as we have for all these years. They are all the most adorable cats, that have given us much love and affection over the years. We will miss them very much. Each has their own distinct character, some are manic, some lazy. All demand love!
If you are interested in giving one of our babies a new home, please get in touch for a chat. We have 13 girls and 1 boy looking for homes, of various colours and age. All are registered and will come with a FIFe pedigree. Some have been shown with success and already have titles.

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Latest News
7 Sept 2011 ::: Rehoming our cats
We are rehoming many of our cats - please get in touch if you are interested in adopting one.

Show News
Norwegian Forest Cat Kitten
7 Sept 2008 ::: Cleckheaton, Leeds, UK
At the Viking Cat Club's show in Cleckheaton we are pleased to announce that Kjærligkatt Lewis Hamilton was Best in Variety and Best in Show Kitten at his first ever show. We are very proud of him
28 Jan 2007 ::: Milton Keynes, Bucks, UK
At the annual Norwegian Forest Cat special for 2007, we are pleased to announce that 2 Kjærligkatts won top honours. EP Kjærligkatt Oslo, DSM was Best in Show Neuter Male - adding yet another trophy to his collection and Kjærligkatt The Jean Genie was Best in Show Neuter Female. We are also delighted to see Villskjonnhet Skifer (Sweetheart Roland Felis Audax x Kjærligkatt Efor) win Best in Show Male
30 Mar 2007 ::: Manchester, UK
Kjærligkatt Kyra (NFO f 23), at only her second adult show, was best in variety and best in show adult female.         meet kyra...

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